Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cupcakes, Christmas, Musicals, and Auctions.


So, I haven’t posted in a while.

I’m stinking at doing this whole “30 days of photos” thing.

Oh well. I’ll restart it soon. Probably.

Anyways, I’ve found my new favorite cupcake recipe. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. Amazing.

Check it out here:

I’m actually really horrible at baking, but I still love to. Strange I know. I burn things all the time. I’m not really patient either so the whole “refrigerate for __ hours” doesn’t usually happen (not all the way at least.) I’m also a fan of thinking I know better than the recipe, which is stupid, because I always turn out wrong when I do that. Also, I add vanilla to almost every dessert recipe, whether it calls for it or not. If we don’t have the right kind of milk, I use whatever we have. I’ve even used regular milk instead of evaporated milk. It worked though.

Maybe if I was better at following instructions I would have better results.

This is an example of one of the cupcakes I made.

Beautiful, I know, at least they tasted fantastic.




I’ve had Christmas music playing on Pandora for a week now, no need to wait for these silly radio stations to start.


And musicals?

You know you’re in a musical when, you sit around and subconsciously repeat the songs over and over in your head.

Scrooge opens in 3 weeks. Info here:



Go check out this online auction:

I donated this:


How’s that for a random post?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Please punch me if I….


Okay, so I’m not really a fan of pain.

But there are some things, that if I ever did, I would want someone to hit me.

These include, but are not limited to:

Wearing a romper. I think they’re ridiculous looking, I mean, if you like them,  that’s fine and dandy, but if you ever see me in one, whack me.

Dressing my child in stupid clothing. I obviously don’t have a child, but I can’t stand when people put their kids in ridiculous clothing. Not like onesies that say, “I’m a little teapot.” That’s okay. I actually saw this little girl in Kroger (probably 3-4ish) and she was wearing a shirt saying, “Single and Lovin’ It <3.” That is so tacky, so extremely tacky.

Wearing leggings or tights as pants. This should never, ever be done.

If my excuse for anything, like homework not being done, lines not memorized in time, etc. is, “well, I was busy.” Dumbest excuse ever.

Complain about which way the toilet paper is hanging. Not a big deal.

Ever become obsessed with something like the whole moustaches trend. I don’t get it.

If I ever wear glasses that do not improve my vision and are not sunglasses. Definitely kick me or something if that happens.

If I ever stop caring about grades and stuff. “Oh, I don’t care as long as I pass.” I’m sure you’ll go far in life pal. Don’t let me do that.


And, day 9 (from a few days ago): A photo of something from a distance.


Except this is only from a distance-ish. Oh well.

And two more pictures from the snowy day:



I’m also counting this as day 9: a photo of whatever you please.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Days 7 and 8!


So um, I missed yesterday, so I’ll do two today.

Day 7: a silhouette


Day 8: a close up photo



These posts are becoming lame…I need to think of something witty.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Days 4, 5, 6.


So since I haven’t done this in like forever, I’m going to do a few today! I did not take these all for this purpose...these are just some I took over the past few days.

Day 4 is: A photo from a high angleIMG_6250











Day 5: a photo of whatever you please. I please:


Day 6: A photo from a low angle.



That is all.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We don’t care about death.


This post was inspired by this image.



I’m not saying it’s not sad that Steve Jobs died. It is. You’re right, he was extremely successful and his company makes great products. It is sad, but it’s also sad that the guy across town died.

Everyone cared when Jobs died. On average, 5,000 die every day from AIDS. No one cares.

I know, everyone knew who Steve Jobs was. Chances are, you probably didn’t know anyone who died from AIDS on October 5th. I didn’t, but why does that make them less important?

Aren’t all created equal?

Well, yeah, but it is more sad when someone dies young.

Okay..yeah. Jobs was 56.

1 in every 6 African dies before age 5.

Tell me that’s not sad.

Well that’s Africa. This is America.

Jobs died from cancer.

It’s projected that in 2011,  571,950 American people will lose their battle with cancer.

It is really sad that Jobs died, but it’s also sad when anyone dies from cancer. No one acknowledges that though.


This guy dies June 25, 2009.


It was huge news. People all over the country cried.

Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria.

Well, I’ve never met them.

Prettttyy sure most of the people who mourned Michael Jackson’s death didn’t know him.

Yes, Jackson was an international star. No one knew the kid who died from Malaria.

Aren’t we all created equal?

Why do we all care when someone famous dies, but no one cares when a person we’ve never met dies?

Why is that?

I am not trying to a pull a ‘holier than thou’ thing here.

I’m just as guilty.

On October 5th, I didn’t think about the thousands of people who died that day, but I thought about Steve Jobs’ death.

It’s a constant struggle. You don’t want to be down all the time because you are constantly thinking about all the poverty and disease in the world. But it should affect us more. You don’t want to forget about it.

I think it’s a balance. A balance which is hard to achieve.

I’m definitely not there. I don’t think I know anyone who is there.


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” –Mother Teresa.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 3. Tea and Mary Poppins.


Day 3 on this 30 days of photos thing is a photo of your favorite place to be.

I don’t really have an all-time favorite place to be at..I mean..I don’t really count places that aren’t…only because I couldn’t actually go anywhere far away to take a picture. I mean I guess I could, but I didn’t.

So I picked my favorite place to be at the exact time I was thinking about this.


On the couch watching Mary Poppins while drinking tea and wearing a snuggie.


It’s intense.




Shortly after the publishing of the post, I will be on the couch, with tea, watching Mary Poppins.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day two! (four days later…)


Okaaay. So I was like, “I will do this everyday.”


It’s been 4 days since I did day 1. Oops.

Anyway, day 2 is a picture of what you wore today.

I am not gonna lie, I am looking pretty glamorous today.


That’s right.

Sweatpants and a t-shirt.

I am known for my impeccable fashion sense.

Friday, October 7, 2011

30 days of photos. Take 2. Day 1.


So remember in May when I was like, “hey I’m going to this 30 days of photos thing.” Pfffft. I got to day 7, I think. As I was going through it, I was like..oh..I don’t actually like this..

SO! I’m trying a different one.


I actually read all of them before starting this one.

Yep. So, here is day 1! (I actually did this twice, two days in a row…I sort of really like to wear ugly makeup and use insane amounts of hair products)





-The End-

Sunday, September 25, 2011

5 Things We Can Learn From Babies.


After being around a baby way more than I have been since I was 6, I have decided something.

More “mature” humans could learn a whole lot from babies.

5. Only eat things you like. Have you ever seen a baby eat something it hated and not spit it out or barf? Or at least not eat it again (at that time, since they like don’t have sense enough to remember “oh I hated that” and not eat it)? I’m not suggesting you barf up everything you try that you don’t like, I’m just saying, just because raisin bran might have less fat/sugar/whatever than a Poptart, doesn’t mean you should eat it. IMG_5556

(he likes whales)

4. Make dumb faces. Quit being so serious, it’s creepy. Go laugh at something.


3. Say what you think. Even though they can’t really talk, babies communicate how they feel/what they like or dislike. Why does this stop? I think it’s because at some point, there is like this “OH NO” moment and you realize “If I say something about anything that isn’t completely neutral, someone could disagree with me or like judge me or something.” Lame.

2. Be yourself. Have you ever seen a baby try to be like someone else? “Oh my goodness. Onesies are no longer hip. What ever shall I do? I KNOW! I will wear exactly what the Olson twins wore on Full House. They were so cool then! If I act like them I will be so hip.” False. That doesn’t happen.


1. Don’t pretend. Babies don’t pretend to be happy when they’re not. They’re not afraid to show when they’re upset. “Oh my sweet baby, how are you this fine day?” “Awful.”

Of course, I’m not suggesting you should model your entire life after the lives of babies. I never want to see anyone over the age of 2 in a onesie. Of course, rompers are considered pretty trendy now. (ew)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It’s really not that hard.




I’m a huge fan of it. Not like commas, apostrophes, hyphens, etc. Actually, I like when that’s used correctly too…but,

when you incorrectly use:

  • they’re/there/their
  • your/you’re
  • affect/effect
  • through/throw (or threw)
  • too/to/two
  • it’s/it
  • loose/lose
  • know/now
  • accept/except
  • than/then
  • are/our

I just. I..I..yeah. I can’t stand it.

For real, like when your facebook status is,

“I went too sea a base ball game today. the guy through me a ball and I was like your so great! I bought some ducks to. Their wonderful accept four the constant quacks”

I barf on the laptop.

I know it’s super lame that this bugs me, but c’mon people.

It’s not that difficult.

I’m not claiming that I never make a they’re/there/their mistake accidentally, but some’s like..every.single.time.


Also (sort of goes with this):


Everyone is now totally going to judge me if I ever misuse a homophone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I went there, yes I did.

Remember this post, ?

Yeah. Definitely. Totally.


This trip was the first time I ever had to be on a plane for more than 5ish hours.

13 hours there.

17 hours back.


I hate flying. Oh so much.

I survived though, so it’s all good.


I also got to change an explosive diaper for the first time ever.

I almost threw up. For real.

I’ll stick to normal diapeys from now on.



Out the bathroom.


and again.





First day---look at my dark dead-like eyes. Thank you Boeing 777.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Hate My Sister and Other Lessons I Learned From Facebook.


*****<3<3****()|()*******I just adore my mom so much! She is the bomb diggity. She is awesomer than Arby’s Sauce! If your mom rocks your socks off, repost this! If you don’t we all know that you’d rather eat Tacos than spend time with your mother *******<3*****SQUIRRELS!*****

:) :) :) :) It’s woodsman week! Our burley, hunting men are so great and help bring groundhog meat to our table (even if it is roadkill occasionally)! I would be lost without my woodsman! He reminds me of Daniel Boone. If you love your woodsmen as much as I love mine, repost this status while doing a duck call. What better way to thank your man? (if you don’t repost, you must be a veagan) :) :) :) :) :) :)

+=+=+=+=!!!$$$$+=+=+=+=+=+=iS uR dOtTeR tHa BeSt DoTtA eVa!?! iF u L<3v yEr DoTtEr RePoSt ThIs wE wAnT tO fIlL FB wItH dOtTa StAtii (read my rant about that word below) <3 uR D0tTeR! +=+=+=+=+=+=!!!$$$$+=+=+=+=+=+=

*^*^*^*^*I SUPPORT DISHWASHERS*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*Do you know someone who works hard each day washing dishes in the back of a resturant? I DO! I SUPPORT THAT DISHWASHER! Each day, they risk geting soap on theyre clothing. Please repost this in honor of your hardworking dishwashers. Did you know 97% are too ashamed to repost this? Be the 3% who isn’t. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*

0000####00000####000---I <3 my sista. She is my life! Without my sista I would just be so sad. If my sista eva ran away I wud just through my self in a ditch and lie in the mud. If you repost this your sista will never run away. If you don’t, It means You hate your sista and you want to submerge your head in a buckett of wet cat food 00000###000###000

I had fun just now.
p.s. any misspellings up there are intentional, just making that clear.

Anyways, I think those statuses are so stupid.

I mean seriously. Reposting something someone else wrote about how much you love a certain person doesn’t actually mean anything.

Let’s say my mother posted the one I wrote about “dottas.” I wouldn’t look at that and be like, “oh man, my mom is the best, she loves me so much.” I really, honestly wouldn’t think anything of it.

Maybe that’s just me, but I think if you really want to tell someone how much you love them (and you just really feel the need to do it on facebook), private message the person. I think that would be a lot more meaningful than a reposted status with a million asterisks.

And the “I support ______” reposts…write something yourself. Or even better,get off your butt and do something about it, if you really are in that 3% (which seriously has to be a made up number, since they all say 97% won’t repost and 3% will).
Writing “I’m __ weeks and craving ___” does not help raise breast cancer awareness. If you want to play that little game, fine, but don’t do it believing you're making any difference.

Maybe this is just me being cynical, maybe I am the only one who has ever thought this, and maybe it does actually make a difference. I don’t know.

Just my thoughts.

AND! onto the whole statuses vs statii.



noun, often attributive \ˈstā-təs, ˈsta-\
plural sta·tus·es

It’s statuses, so if you’re one of those people who says statii, I encourage you to stop.

p.s. don’t be offended if you’re a groundhog hunting woodsman, I’ve never tasted groundhog, it might actually be good.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Hate Flying, A Lot.


Next week, I go to Ethiopia.

That’s great and all, except there is one thing, I hate flying.

Me on a plane for 13 hours?

I just don’t hate flying because I’m just sitting around for 13 hours.

It’s the whole experience, especially take off. You can’t have any electronic devices on and the movies aren’t playing yet. Those dumb magazines they have in the plane don’t last long enough to distract me the whole time.


So I’m just sitting there, not particularly enjoying myself.

It’s even worse if they turn the plane, because then you're all sideways.


Last time I flew, I read up on how planes worked, and that de-stressed me a little.

And it turns out, I’m more likely to die in a car, on a bike, in a train, because of a tornado, being struck by lightning, or from a bee sting.

In fact, chances of someone dying in a plane are 1 in 7 million.

Also, more people have died in the last 6 months in car accidents, than in the last 100 years because of planes.

Does that even help?

Sort of, until I think…“someone has to be that one”


So, normally I just find some person to watch, who looks like they’ve flown a lot.

And I’m not sure why, but usually this person ends up being a bald (not shaved) man in his 40s-50s. hmm.


Now I leave, to go scour itunes for free podcasts/tv shows (I’m too cheap to actually buy them) to distract me on my journey.

Just kidding, I’ll probably end up on Pinterest instead.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un.



Sometimes…I get bored. So what do I do?


Well, I whip out the tacky makeup, of course!


And the hairspray too.


This look was based a little more than loosely on how imagine my mother as a teenager.


And what would purple eyeshadow and blue eyeliner be without teased hair to complete the look?


Look how huge my feet look there. I don’t even have large feet, or I don’t think..


I did struggle to keep my eyes open though, I need to start jazzercising my eyelids.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Post Without a Title.


I have not blogged in a while.


Because I have had nothing to say.

It’s hard to say something when there is nothing to say.

So I just haven’t said anything.

The two most interesting things that have happened to me in the time I haven’t written anything?

1. I met a little girl named Tuna.

2. I experienced a 5.9 earthquake.

I had both of these experiences here:


Sherando Lake.

Maybe I should go there more often.

I would probably be a better blogger if I did.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

9 reasons I hate going to the dentist.


1. The smell.

You know that smell. I can’t even describe it. It’s like if you put floss, latex gloves, cleaner, and toothpaste in a blender.


2. They talk to you.

I mean, having people talk to you normally isn’t a bad thing, but this is a different story. You’re just sitting there, more like laying there, actually and they try to have a conversation with you. “How are you?” “good.” “How has your summer been?” “good.”  Really you just want to get this over with and forget the awkward small talk. It’s worse when they talk to you while they’re poking inside your mouth.

3. Do you floss daily?

Anyone who says “yes” to this dreaded question is either lying or just very dedicated. I normally answer “uhhh sometimes.” Then they say something like “well you really need to floss daily or you will have no friends and your teeth will all rot out before you’re 40.” I think I am going to be toothless by 40.


4. It’s awkward.

You’re laying there with a light brighter than the sun shining in your face while a stranger who is wearing a mask and gloves pokes in your mouth. Can you say awkward?

5. X-rays.

Horrible little things. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone, or if I just have a freaky small mouth, but the little thing they put in my mouth always digs into the roof of my mouth and usually makes it bleed a little.

6. The sound of drills.

The sound of the drills is sort of like nails on a chalkboard, but in people’s teeth.

7. The water shooter.

I’m sure they have a name for ‘the water shooter,’ but I don’t know it…so I’m calling it the water shooter. Anyways, my teeth are really sensitive to cold in 2 places and they always seem to have the cold water aimed right at one of them.

8.  The poking.

With the little metal tools. I always think they’re going to scratch my teeth (which I’m sure they try not to…but I still always worry about it).


Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the dentists are actually nice people, I just strongly dislike visiting them at their office.

In case you were wondering, I went to the dentist yesterday.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rainy Days.


Hi, my name is Bekah and I like rainy days (most of the time anyways). During a rainstorm or right after is one of my faaaavorite times to take pictures, because everything looks different than it usually does.








El fin.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I was 7 years old once.



I’m pretty sure I wasn’t 7 here, but I didn’t feel like scanning more pictures.


Today I was going through my closet and found my journal. I had this short-lived “journaling or having a diary is so cool” stage. I think I wrote in it 15 times in my life.

I wrote strange little things like,

“My favoritE food is chockolote.”   The ‘E’ on favorite was scribbled in later.

“School is peachey.”    I don’t think I knew what “peachey” meant.

“My brother is sassy.”

“My cat is Sally she likes peaple.”

“Once I went to kingsdemen it was swell as can be.”      I meant Kings Dominion.

“My brother smells like a turkey. hehheheeeheh.”   I guess I thought I was funny. I want to know when I smelled a turkey.

“I have a sister she looks like me but we arent twins at all.”


And my absolute favorite, I actually laughed out loud at this one:

“I do not understand the world. I do not understand my life.”

Thursday, July 28, 2011

100 things that make me happy.


So a while back I made a list of things that annoyed me, so now I am making a list  of 100 things that make me happy!


In no particular order:

  1. Laughing babies
  2. The cold side of the pillow.
  3. Candles that smell really good.
  4. Frozen lemonade
  5. Warm clothes, right out of the dryer.
  6. Comfy shorts.
  7. Pictures with awesome shadows.
  8. Thunderstorms
  9. Random facts
  10. Television shows about sharks
  11. Disneyworld
  12. Christmas music
  13. Smells of Christmas
  14. Good movies
  15. Knee high socks in the winter.
  16. Photography
  17. Making something that turns out well.
  18. Tea.
  19. Family
  20. Friends
  21. Sleeping in
  22. Finally being able to play a song on the piano.
  23. Flip flops
  24. Sweatshirts
  25. Dr. Quinn episodes
  26. My dog, Doug.
  27. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate chapstick.
  28. Being able to understand when someone says something in Spanish.
  29. When babies rub their eyes because they are tired.
  30. Teeny tiny baby shoes.
  31. When the plane’s “Seatbelt on” light comes on before landing, because I know the flight is almost over.
  32. Making desserts.
  33. Buying clothes that are marked way down.
  34. Beating a level of Angry Birds.
  35. Watching musicals.
  36. Warm summer days (but not blazing hot)
  37. The Sound Of Music soundtrack.
  38. Pictures of myself as a baby.
  39. Putting on tacky makeup for pictures.
  40. Doing my hair in strange ways for pictures.
  41. Waking up and smelling bacon.
  42. Walking barefoot in soft grass.
  43. Pictures of baby elephants.
  44. Perfectly understanding a math concept.
  45. Long showers.
  46. Wearing new clothes for the first time.
  47. Finding forgotten money in my pocket.
  48. Friends who are just as strange as myself.
  49. Not having to touch raw chicken
  50. Hearing people say intentionally dumb things like, “It’s SNOW cold outside…” (*cough* Anna *cough*)
  51. When total cost at stores comes out to an exact dollar amount.
  52. Sundresses
  53. Snow flurries
  54. Using lots of blankets in the winter.
  55. Laughing
  56. Easter Dinner
  57. Days when I have nothing at all to do and nowhere to go.
  58. This:calvinandhobbes
  59. Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the window
  60. Summer evenings with a breeze.
  61. The beginning of spring.
  62. Pretending my dog is Simba and holding her like Rafiki held Simba.
  63. Knowing random facts about tv shows like behind the scenes stuff and just random ‘fun facts.’
  64. The smell of cucumbers.
  65. Accidentally taking a picture that turns out really good.
  66. Getting a camera back from the camera doctor.
  67. Making stupid videos.
  68. Shampoo that smells great
  69. Getting thank you notes.
  70. Picking raspberries (and then making stuff with them)
  71. Pretty icicles.
  72. Waterfalls
  73. Doing stupid self portraits.
  74. The Cosby Show on Netflix instant
  75. The last performance of a play.
  76. Iced coffee
  77. Polka dots
  78. Comfy shoes. (toms!)
  79. Old photographs
  80. Soda machines that are cheaper than usual.
  81. This certain picture of a person at the beach.
  82. Doing something/helping someone, and seeing the difference.
  83. Colgate Wisps.
  84. Guatemala
  85. Waking up and then realizing you have another hour to sleep
  86. Swings
  87. Having a totally clean room (doesn’t happen too often……)
  88. Mowing
  89. Saying “tongue” over and over and laughing at how dumb it sounds.
  90. The colors purple and yellow together.
  91. When the brother says things like, “you are like the king and all those other people are like little chipmunks.”
  92. Air conditioning
  93. Sharpies.
  94. Adding vanilla to recipes that don’t call for it.
  95. Being completely comfortable somewhere.
  96. Sounds of the ocean
  97. When Autocorrect writes the right thing instead of some long word you’ve never heard of.
  98. Staying in a beach house.
  99. Coke in a glass bottle.
  100. Seeing other people genuinely smiling or being happy.


The End!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I’m a horrible blogger.


It has been 25 days since I last blogged. I know, it’s bad. I am sure that you all have been laying on the floor and wailing like whales because you can’t read the random things I post. That or you hadn’t really noticed I had been slacking….that is probably more likely.

I am going to blame the fact that I haven’t blogged on the fact that my camera’s shutter button broke. My poor little camera is now at the camera doctor though, so don’t worry, he’ll be okay.


Anyways, lately, I’ve been feeling like a craftanista (I just made that word up, like right off the top of my head) so I went and ripped apart a few old/ugly shirts that I never wear and made:



Nice hair in this one, I know.





This one is my favorite.



I don’t know if I like this thing or not, It’s like a scarf/necklace thing..made out of strips of fabric…I don’t know….


ANYWAYS! I made a bunch more but you are probably tired of looking at pictures of headbands, of course if you did get tired of it you might not even be reading this because you quit reading before you got here. hmm.


And now, for the girl scout pledge (modified): On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to blog more often...