Friday, July 29, 2011

I was 7 years old once.



I’m pretty sure I wasn’t 7 here, but I didn’t feel like scanning more pictures.


Today I was going through my closet and found my journal. I had this short-lived “journaling or having a diary is so cool” stage. I think I wrote in it 15 times in my life.

I wrote strange little things like,

“My favoritE food is chockolote.”   The ‘E’ on favorite was scribbled in later.

“School is peachey.”    I don’t think I knew what “peachey” meant.

“My brother is sassy.”

“My cat is Sally she likes peaple.”

“Once I went to kingsdemen it was swell as can be.”      I meant Kings Dominion.

“My brother smells like a turkey. hehheheeeheh.”   I guess I thought I was funny. I want to know when I smelled a turkey.

“I have a sister she looks like me but we arent twins at all.”


And my absolute favorite, I actually laughed out loud at this one:

“I do not understand the world. I do not understand my life.”

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Savannah said...

it's so nice to know that you went through a bad spelling stage too....except you were seven and I was 13. hahaha.