Thursday, July 28, 2011

100 things that make me happy.


So a while back I made a list of things that annoyed me, so now I am making a list  of 100 things that make me happy!


In no particular order:

  1. Laughing babies
  2. The cold side of the pillow.
  3. Candles that smell really good.
  4. Frozen lemonade
  5. Warm clothes, right out of the dryer.
  6. Comfy shorts.
  7. Pictures with awesome shadows.
  8. Thunderstorms
  9. Random facts
  10. Television shows about sharks
  11. Disneyworld
  12. Christmas music
  13. Smells of Christmas
  14. Good movies
  15. Knee high socks in the winter.
  16. Photography
  17. Making something that turns out well.
  18. Tea.
  19. Family
  20. Friends
  21. Sleeping in
  22. Finally being able to play a song on the piano.
  23. Flip flops
  24. Sweatshirts
  25. Dr. Quinn episodes
  26. My dog, Doug.
  27. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate chapstick.
  28. Being able to understand when someone says something in Spanish.
  29. When babies rub their eyes because they are tired.
  30. Teeny tiny baby shoes.
  31. When the plane’s “Seatbelt on” light comes on before landing, because I know the flight is almost over.
  32. Making desserts.
  33. Buying clothes that are marked way down.
  34. Beating a level of Angry Birds.
  35. Watching musicals.
  36. Warm summer days (but not blazing hot)
  37. The Sound Of Music soundtrack.
  38. Pictures of myself as a baby.
  39. Putting on tacky makeup for pictures.
  40. Doing my hair in strange ways for pictures.
  41. Waking up and smelling bacon.
  42. Walking barefoot in soft grass.
  43. Pictures of baby elephants.
  44. Perfectly understanding a math concept.
  45. Long showers.
  46. Wearing new clothes for the first time.
  47. Finding forgotten money in my pocket.
  48. Friends who are just as strange as myself.
  49. Not having to touch raw chicken
  50. Hearing people say intentionally dumb things like, “It’s SNOW cold outside…” (*cough* Anna *cough*)
  51. When total cost at stores comes out to an exact dollar amount.
  52. Sundresses
  53. Snow flurries
  54. Using lots of blankets in the winter.
  55. Laughing
  56. Easter Dinner
  57. Days when I have nothing at all to do and nowhere to go.
  58. This:calvinandhobbes
  59. Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the window
  60. Summer evenings with a breeze.
  61. The beginning of spring.
  62. Pretending my dog is Simba and holding her like Rafiki held Simba.
  63. Knowing random facts about tv shows like behind the scenes stuff and just random ‘fun facts.’
  64. The smell of cucumbers.
  65. Accidentally taking a picture that turns out really good.
  66. Getting a camera back from the camera doctor.
  67. Making stupid videos.
  68. Shampoo that smells great
  69. Getting thank you notes.
  70. Picking raspberries (and then making stuff with them)
  71. Pretty icicles.
  72. Waterfalls
  73. Doing stupid self portraits.
  74. The Cosby Show on Netflix instant
  75. The last performance of a play.
  76. Iced coffee
  77. Polka dots
  78. Comfy shoes. (toms!)
  79. Old photographs
  80. Soda machines that are cheaper than usual.
  81. This certain picture of a person at the beach.
  82. Doing something/helping someone, and seeing the difference.
  83. Colgate Wisps.
  84. Guatemala
  85. Waking up and then realizing you have another hour to sleep
  86. Swings
  87. Having a totally clean room (doesn’t happen too often……)
  88. Mowing
  89. Saying “tongue” over and over and laughing at how dumb it sounds.
  90. The colors purple and yellow together.
  91. When the brother says things like, “you are like the king and all those other people are like little chipmunks.”
  92. Air conditioning
  93. Sharpies.
  94. Adding vanilla to recipes that don’t call for it.
  95. Being completely comfortable somewhere.
  96. Sounds of the ocean
  97. When Autocorrect writes the right thing instead of some long word you’ve never heard of.
  98. Staying in a beach house.
  99. Coke in a glass bottle.
  100. Seeing other people genuinely smiling or being happy.


The End!

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Anonymous said...

101) Reading a list of things that makes someone happy :)