Saturday, December 21, 2013

The A&E crisis of 2013.


Hi kids, I want to talk to you about one of the biggest crises in the 21st century.

Oh no, it’s not September 11th. Or that tsunami from 2004 in Sri Lanka. I’m not even going to confront you with AIDS statistics today. Nope, this is really bad stuff.


A&E suspended Phil Robertson.


So one time Phil Robertson did an interview with GQ. Why GQ even interviewed this man is beyond me…like…I don’t know they seem like the kinda folks that just wouldn’t hang out together. Anyway, so basically the interview takes a turn toward the topic of gay marriage. And Phil tells it exactly like he sees it. And I mean exactly.

Now, this man isn’t an idiot, he started a multi-million dollar company. He knew it would cause backlash. Or at least, I would think he would…

Anyway, so A&E freaks a little bit, because “oh crap, people aren’t going to like this.” and suspends Phil from their show. And we’re shocked why…?

Now, I personally find it a little funny, because I’m just going to assume the whole family thinks fairly similarly, but that’s beside the point.

But here’s the thing, agree with Phil or not, A&E is not in the wrong. They are not violating his right to free speech. He exercised it, and experienced backlash, but not a violation of rights.

Now, if A&E was the government, that might be a different story, but since A&E is a private company, this is their right.

If I walk into work and start screaming profanities at people, am I going to be fired? Yes. Will my first amendment rights have been violated? Well, no.

So not sorry, I’m not going to change my profile picture. Or share articles from or anything.

Nope, I’m just gonna watch the free market in action. Now, it is true, that we can debate whether or not this was a good business decision by A&E, considering the absurd amount of people that watch Duck Dynasty, but even if it was the dumbest decision in the history of the universe, they still are not violating rights.

And considering that I can still go to WalMart and find Duck Dynasty tshirts, dvds, blankets, cups, dancing dolls (??), and a whole lot of other stuff, I don’t really feel that they are being opressed.

Also, mostly, I just wish everyone would shut up about it. Because really, no matter what side you are on, changing your profile picture and sharing quotes isn’t going to change minds.


Also, friends, I would like to point out that Obama had nothing to do with this decision, because apparently that’s a common misconception.

A man expressed his [unpopular] opinion, he got suspended from his tv show. But here’s the thing, HE CAN STILL EXPRESS THAT OPINION all he wants. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think he should have too much trouble getting an interview with a media outlet.

And here’s the other thing, just because I have freedom of speech, doesn’t mean everyone everywhere has to/is going to listen to my opinion. I think Julie Andrews was/is one of the greatest performers in the history of the world all time ever. But if I email ABC and tell them this, and tell them that the world must know, they aren’t going to give me a slot on GMA to do this.

Thanks Obama, you’ve destroyed the constitution again. Or maybe it’s just that no one really cares that much about Julie Andrews anymore and letting me have a spot on GMA would be a dumb business decision that would repel viewers.

If you’re going to throw the Constitution in everyone’s faces (which I’ve got nothing against…) at least actually know what it means.