Sunday, September 25, 2011

5 Things We Can Learn From Babies.


After being around a baby way more than I have been since I was 6, I have decided something.

More “mature” humans could learn a whole lot from babies.

5. Only eat things you like. Have you ever seen a baby eat something it hated and not spit it out or barf? Or at least not eat it again (at that time, since they like don’t have sense enough to remember “oh I hated that” and not eat it)? I’m not suggesting you barf up everything you try that you don’t like, I’m just saying, just because raisin bran might have less fat/sugar/whatever than a Poptart, doesn’t mean you should eat it. IMG_5556

(he likes whales)

4. Make dumb faces. Quit being so serious, it’s creepy. Go laugh at something.


3. Say what you think. Even though they can’t really talk, babies communicate how they feel/what they like or dislike. Why does this stop? I think it’s because at some point, there is like this “OH NO” moment and you realize “If I say something about anything that isn’t completely neutral, someone could disagree with me or like judge me or something.” Lame.

2. Be yourself. Have you ever seen a baby try to be like someone else? “Oh my goodness. Onesies are no longer hip. What ever shall I do? I KNOW! I will wear exactly what the Olson twins wore on Full House. They were so cool then! If I act like them I will be so hip.” False. That doesn’t happen.


1. Don’t pretend. Babies don’t pretend to be happy when they’re not. They’re not afraid to show when they’re upset. “Oh my sweet baby, how are you this fine day?” “Awful.”

Of course, I’m not suggesting you should model your entire life after the lives of babies. I never want to see anyone over the age of 2 in a onesie. Of course, rompers are considered pretty trendy now. (ew)

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