Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Hate Flying, A Lot.


Next week, I go to Ethiopia.

That’s great and all, except there is one thing, I hate flying.

Me on a plane for 13 hours?

I just don’t hate flying because I’m just sitting around for 13 hours.

It’s the whole experience, especially take off. You can’t have any electronic devices on and the movies aren’t playing yet. Those dumb magazines they have in the plane don’t last long enough to distract me the whole time.


So I’m just sitting there, not particularly enjoying myself.

It’s even worse if they turn the plane, because then you're all sideways.


Last time I flew, I read up on how planes worked, and that de-stressed me a little.

And it turns out, I’m more likely to die in a car, on a bike, in a train, because of a tornado, being struck by lightning, or from a bee sting.

In fact, chances of someone dying in a plane are 1 in 7 million.

Also, more people have died in the last 6 months in car accidents, than in the last 100 years because of planes.

Does that even help?

Sort of, until I think…“someone has to be that one”


So, normally I just find some person to watch, who looks like they’ve flown a lot.

And I’m not sure why, but usually this person ends up being a bald (not shaved) man in his 40s-50s. hmm.


Now I leave, to go scour itunes for free podcasts/tv shows (I’m too cheap to actually buy them) to distract me on my journey.

Just kidding, I’ll probably end up on Pinterest instead.

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