Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Open Letter to Women.


Dear women of the internet,

I’m a skinny girl, and the truth is, I don’t work for it. Never have. It’s natural. I’m sorry that the fact that some people are thinner than you really upsets you. It’s not my fault. But you know, in some people’s cases, it is their fault, because maybe they worked for it. It’s all over facebook, pinterest, and the rest of the internet. People are bashing girls because they are “too thin” or “too skinny,” automatically diagnosing random girls as anorexic.

Things like this are popping up:


Awesome. I’m going to make a t-shirt that says, “18 is not a size.” I’m sure that would go over well. No, it wouldn’t---and I’m glad it wouldn’t. That would be totally wrong and offensive, to discriminate against larger people. But hey, if it’s a tiny girl, it’s totally cool, right? There is something wrong with this picture. If I commented on photos on the internet of big women and said things like, “nasty.” “gross” “quit eating sandwhiches.”  But if it’s a girl who is smaller than average, or hey, just smaller than you, it’s totally acceptable to bash. Awesome.

Here’s me, a size zero girl:


Does that disgust you?

My thighs don’t touch when I sit. I don’t have rolls in my stomach. My arms don’t spread out against my side. I have knobby knees. I have a flat stomach (not abs, believe me, there’s a difference.) I can touch my fingers around my wrist. I went to a summer camp one year when I was 10-11ish, and some random girl came up to me and asked “Are you anorexic?” um..no.. Anorexia is a psychological disorder, not something you, a random girl, label another little girl, because she is smaller than you.


Does that bother you? It shouldn’t.

Skinny girls aren’t disgusting. Overweight girls aren’t disgusting. Judgment for something as stupid as size is disgusting.

If you want to be bothered by a thin person, be bothered by the starving child, not by the teenage girl with a high metabolism or the girl who worked her butt off to look that way.

Why do you feel like you can weigh in on other people’s body type and weight, anyway? Insecurity?


but really, just because you are insecure about yourself, whether you be 300lbs over weight, healthy, or underweight, you don’t get the right to bash other people.

A person’s a person, no matter how small, big, skinny, pretty, ugly.




Joesette said...

Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to save this post. I'm 39 and have been in your situation my entire life. Lots of snarky comments about my small chest as well. Like it would go over well if I said snarky things about people's large breasts or large bodies! Thanks, Bekah.

Cecy said...

Bekah, I totally understand, i am small, I am skinny. And i love it. A person is what it is according to her behavior. The people who criticize to fast is because they don't look too far, or don't look for what they can not see. Great Post!!