Monday, March 4, 2013

Self-Portrait Project…(hey I’ll finish this one!)


I’ve tried to do those photo challenge things a few times now, and I always fail. I usually make it about halfway through and then I’m like, “meh.” And I always end up with “eh, okay” photos because I am taking the picture just for the sake of checking it off my list.

The thing is, I like to take pictures of what I want to take photos of. Not of what some random person on the internet created. And one a day was just too much for me, I mean one picture is nothing, but when you’re being told what to photograph, it’s a lot, because just because it’s day 17 and the list says “clouds” doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to find some awesome clouds or a landscape to take a picture. I feel pressured by some stupid file I’ve made my laptop background to remind me.


So I made my own, but instead of 1 photo everyday for a month, it’s 1 photo, every month, for a year. Oh, and they’re all supposed to be self portraits, because I will do whatever I tell myself to do, and I won’t look at myself like I’m a freak for some weird idea (actually, okay, I totally will, but I won’t judge myself, not forever).

I think this way will be more conducive to good pictures. And I like it more. because I wrote it myself. So if I don’t like it, I can blame myself.


And yeah…I guess I should’ve started this in January…but I am not one for conforming to societal standards. That or I didn’t think of it until the end of February.

Anywho, here is March, Study:


kind of ironic, since I should have been studying when I took and edited this.

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