Wednesday, March 13, 2013

respect, just a little bit.


Ah, facebook. I get so many blog posts from you and your insanity.

Today I  bring to you, respect.

Not like anti-cyberbullying but just regular old respect.

Specifically for one certain family. The Obamas.

Sorry all of you conservatives, but it’s true.

Can you hate every decision the President has ever made in his life, ever? Suuuure. Fine by me.

But you cannot, absolutely cannot hate the president, as a human being. .

I saw a photo of Michelle on facebook in which she was being compared to a prostitute. That’s real classy, you’re getting your point across, real well.


Oh my gosh. Wow. That really is deep and convicting.

If you really can’t think of a better argument against someone than to compare his wife to a streetwalker, then you need to get a grip. (Okay, and seriously, I think it’s an ugly outfit, but it’s not trashy. I mean..)

 You can argue against the President’s policies or beliefs, or be unhappy with the amount he vacations or what-not. But when you start making fun of his or his family’s appearance, you’ve crossed the line.

What’s that saying, it goes something like, “We choose our president based on their appearance, and Miss America on her stance on politics.”

People. Seriously.

There are much better ways to defend your beliefs. Debate what you believe. Hate Obamacare? Then give some reasons why you hate it. Give some facts. Don’t share stupid pictures on the internet.

Defend your opinion, stand up for what you believe is right, but don’t attack the other person. What ever happened to attacking someone’s view or opinion and NOT the person.

It goes both ways though. Conservatives, liberals, independents, whatever.

Can we just show an ounce of respect?

And if we’re going to be sharing photos of politicians with captions, this is the kind I appreciate.


and this kid basically knows everything.

“when you were a kid did you say, ‘I wanna be boring and mean when I grow up.’? What?!”



disclaimer: blah-dee-blah, this is in no way about any one person, so if you shared/liked the above photos, I don’t hate your guts or anything, I just think you’re being ridiculous. Sorry.



Oh and in other news, I’m writing over here a bit now…of course, what I say there is a bit less sarcastic and annoyed sounding, but you know.

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