Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So I like to complain..


So a couple of months ago I wrote this post about complaining, and I mentioned the idea of a “complaining closest” with pictures of real suffering, that when you complain, you have to write it on the wall of the closet.


I don’t have a closet in my room. So I couldn’t exactly do that.

But today I finally got around to making a more portable complaining closet. err. poster.

I ended up taping all of the pictures to a hallmark bag I cut up…because it was in my room…and I mean…it worked.

I used pictures of people or places I had been to or met, just to make it more personal. Like, “oh hey, Bekah, remember that?”




You know, complaining about the slow internet I dealt with while sipping a $5 drink looks pretty pathetic when it’s written above a girl who had a baby at 14 and lives in a house smaller than my room, with 6 other people.

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