Monday, February 11, 2013

How to look good in pictures. A tutorial.


So you know how everyone is always on facebook and instagram and whatever posting pictures like, “no makeup!” or “just out of the shower!” ? And you’re thinking like, bro, like, I don't look like that after I get out of the shower.

Well, friends, this is for you. This is a quick tutorial on how to get the hot just out of the shower look without ever stepping into a shower.

You will need:

A spray bottle full of water.

Mascara (any kind will do, so long as it is not waterproof)


Step 1: Apply mascara.


Apply it very liberally, not like Hillary Clinton liberally, but like, a lot. Don’t worry about doing it well either.


Step 2: Locate your spray bottle.


Step 3. Squirt yourself in the face with water. Just keep spraying, spraying, spraying. Your face should be dripping. This is to make the makeup run down your face to give you that unkempt look.


You may notice that the mascara is not running very much yet, just give it a few minutes, if it doesn’t streak your face within 3 minutes, use your hands to smudge it.


Step 4. Spray your hair. The most important part is the front section, as that is what will be most prominent in your mirror shots.


Spray until your hair is at a satisfactory wetness, and voila! You’re finished!


Step 5. Take a picture in a mirror. You should always use a slightly angry face, never look yourself in the eye, always be looking in the screen of your phone or camera.



And this is how it’s done. I would also recommend doing this in a bathroom and using a towel, unlike me. Unless you like falling in water, than yeah, definitely don’t use a towel.

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