Friday, December 28, 2012

What I’d Tell My Brother


Christmas has been weird for two years in a row, and I think, it will feel weird for quite a while.

Christmas 2010. My grandma (dad’s mom) was healthy. My grandfather (mom’s dad) was not entirely healthy. Still battling cancer, but it was “normal” and he was doing okay. He fried oysters. Grandma made gravy. Like it had been, every single year.

At the end of November this year, my grandfather was told he had “weeks.”  He died late on December 11.

Last December, on my birthday, the doctors told her she had 6 months. By Christmas, she couldn’t walk on her own. She died on December 28.

One year ago today, my grandmother went to heaven.

While I am glad she is there, free from pain and suffering, I selfishly wish she was still here, so she could see her grandchildren get married, graduate, and just watch who they have become.

Two months before we brought Teshale home, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. He only got to see her a limited number of times, as she had to be careful not to be exposed to any sort of illness. So if there was any question, he stayed home with somebody.

He won’t remember her at all. He was just over a year when she died. I wish he could have gotten to know her, because she was one awesome-sauce lady.


(favorite picture ever)

So Teshale, this is for you, these are things you should know:

  • She made the BEST mashed potatoes, I kid you not, I don’t care how good you think my or mom’s mashed potatoes are, hers were better.
  • She was so excited to meet you. Your picture was up on her fridge as soon as she got it.
  • It took her a while to say your name right…actually, I’m not sure that she ever got it.
  • I’m definitely going to have to tell you the story about the Labor Day cookout when she broke her wrist, but wouldn’t go to the ER until everyone got their food.
  • You could never watch a movie with her, and actually catch every detail, because she talked during them…(but not in theaters, she wasn’t one of those people)
  • You made her laugh. The last time we saw her, you were squealing, and she laughed. She was in pain, and kind out of it, but you made her laugh. We left shortly after that. The last thing I remember her doing, was laughing. Thanks for that. It’s a good final memory.
  • We all used to have toothbrushes up at her house with our nicknames written on them, for when we slept over. “Weebie” “Wildman” I don’t know why, but that little thing is something I will always remember.
  • She always said taco as “tacko”
  • She had such a servant’s heart.
  • Anywhere she was, there were at least 5 Ricolas in reaching distance. Riiiiiiiiicola.
  • Thanksgiving/Easter she had to make sure everyone had their favorite foods. Mashed potatoes for Rachel. Certain kinds of pies for certain people. Oh..and she always made Kraft Macaroni for Josh, since he wouldn’t eat the real stuff.


“Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different....” –CS Lewis

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