Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year in Review


Oh so cliché for New Years Eve, but whatever.

Highlights by month:

January: got a job. Learned my new favorite saying in Spanish “Si este vibora te pica, no hay remedio en la botica.”

February: Tickets to Guatemala are booked!

March: Apparently March was pretty pathetic, because I can’t think of anything significant that happened.

April: Easter. My obsession to listening to Disney songs in Spanish begins.  Veo en Ti La Luz es la mejor cancion.

May: Bought a wedding dress on eBay to take pictures in. Went to Florida. Saw 2 hammerhead sharks just swimming around—crossed seeing a shark in it’s natural habitat off my bucket list.



June: First “real” photoshoot.

July: Wore my wedding dress through the mall.

August: ….another insignificant month

September: Went to Guatemala. Passed my first CLEP exam.


October: Went to Ethiopia. (Cross seeing a wild monkey and hippo off the bucket list)


November: Thanksgiving.

December: Grandfather goes to heaven. Christmas. 1 year anniversary of my grandmother’s death.


The “Ests” of 2012 (yes, I will be inventing some words.)

Scariest: Guatemala. Driving in a truck, at night, get out of truck so it can go up a hill. Met by 3 guys with shotguns, two of which are wearing ski masks, who then lowered their guns at us. Turns out, they were just guards, but still.

Longest: Travelling home from Ethiopia. On the way back: 24 hours total.

Popularest: blog post: I’ll Just Continue

Dumbest: Tucker: “hey look at that volcano smoking!” Me: “That’s just a hill with a cloud over it.” It was clear by the nest day that it was a volcano.


Beautifulest:  Kalkidan.


Entertainingest: Lincoln. Best movie I saw all year, of course, I’m not exactly a frequent movie go-er.

Favoritest: (picture)

IMG_3088                                                              I just ordered it on  a canvas!!

Craziest: Taking my second trips to Ethiopia and Guatemala in less than 2 months time.

Quotablest: “There are far, far better things  ahead than any we leave behind.” –C.S. Lewis

I want it on one of these bracelets from BookFiend on Etsy.

Self-portaitest: I have taken more photos of myself this year than ever before. My favorite of the year:


Preciousest: (moment)


Relatablest: …thing found on Pinterest:


Songest: Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles. Actually I think it’s a kind of old song, but you know, I just discovered it recently, and I like to be behind on these things.

TVest: Sister Wives. It’s so stupid. So pointless. But so addicting.

Memorablest: (person) Selena from Guatemala.


All in all, 2012 was a good year. Lot’s of memories created.


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Naomi said...

I love your all-too-relatable honesty when you write.
Good post =)
~Naomi, from the C+ forums