Monday, August 5, 2013

If Instagram was more honest….


So. I’ll say it. I hate Instagram. I hate it almost as much as when people put Spanish or French or whatever as a language they speak after taking a couple of classes. No, you can order at a restaurant, congrats, but you don’t speak French. I think facebook should have a test, if you prove yourself to be pretty-dang-close to fluent, congrats, add it as a language, if not, too bad, continue being a wannabe (like me).

But that’s another rant for another day.

I made an account on Instagram once.. Deleted it after 5 minutes.

The first reason I hate it is because, well, I hate that now that most everyone has a phone that takes ‘decent’ pictures, we try to crap them up with filters. What is the point of that? Oh here is a half-decent photo, let me add a filter that blurs it and makes it look like I dropped the photo in water. Yes, that looks good.

No, no it doesn’t.

I’ve kind of got this thing against making good photos look vintage anyhow. Unless it’s like supposed to be recreating or something. I just have this thing against all sepia filters. Also, I avoid saying “sepia” like the plague, because I’m honestly not even sure how to say that.

The other reason, is because well, it’s just so fake. No one looks like that when they get up. People actually eat quinoa and like it? (my mother says she likes it, but I don’t even know how that is humanly possible).

So last not today or yesterday, I documented life, instagram style. I’m still new at this, so you know, don’t hold any noob mistakes against me.


Such a beautiful morning! Ready to get this day started! #earlybird #duckface #alldayeveryday


Oopsie, forgot to take a picture of my coffee when it was full. Always look at the positives in life. 1/4 full, not 3/4 empty. #coffee #morning #goodvibes


Cleaning makes me feel so good! The way your bathroom cabinets look reflects your life, are you going to have an orderly life or a confusing one? #organization #supertidy #whoneedsamaid


I just opened the Bible to take a picture so people would know how spiritual I am. #mildew


I love dressing up. Couldn’t figure out how to do any poses from Next Top Model, so I drew my inspo from Nacho Libre. #fancy #posing #imamodel #forgot #duckface


My gorgeous view today. I could just sit and look at it all day. #maps #toshiba #adobe #googlechrome


Loving getting pampered. So relaxing, but don’t you be idolizing my moisturizing #refreshing #lotion #feet


Ate a whole bag of Kroger brand tortilla chips for lunch. Healthy eating is my passion. #yumyum #processedchips


Me and that boy. He’s the highlight of my day #lovehim #xoxo #soulmates


Just chilling after lunch. Pimple don’t stand a chance with me around. #proactivisforweenies #letsgo #huah


Scrubbing the Java Chip frappucino I dumped all over the driver’s seat. #starbucks #coffeelove #dawndishsoap


Getting ready for bed. You can’t see it, but this tshirt has like, coffee stains on it. #Waynesboroplayasreppin #braids #tiredgirl


You know, maybe I’ve changed my mind…maybe I will get Instagram..

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