Thursday, June 16, 2011

Texting. And day 7 of 30 days of photos.


Texting. It can be pretty useful and completely rude. There are places and times you just don’t need to text. My top 5 ‘do not text’ situations.

5. Checking out at a store. I think you can wait ten seconds.

4. In a movie theater. I paid to see this movie, not your cell phone lighting up every three seconds. If you can’t sit through an entire movie without texting, you should just buy the movie, watch it alone, and text to your heart’s desire.

3. In a class of any kind. Basically you’re saying, “oh hey, I don’t care about what you are saying. At all.”

2. When someone is talking to you. Because really, who wants to talk to someone who is constantly looking at their phone the entire time they’re trying to talk to them? Let me know if you find someone who does….

1. At church. I know you think you’re being all secrety with your phone on vibrate, thinking only you can know when you get a new text. Actually, anyone within 2 rows of you knows. And did you know, person sitting in front of me, I can read everything you write? Well, I can. Unless this is a super emergency, put your phone down.


Day 7 was a picture of fruit. This is fruit:



In other news, Anna Duggar had her baby.


Stace said...

You are so wise, take excellent photos and can DRIVE??!! Wow! I mean it! Wise words from one so young...or old... since you CAN drive! :)

Cindy said...

Hey Beckah,
Text me! Sorry had to do it! :o)